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Monitor Data Usage | How to Track Network Usage on Windows PC

Monitor Data Usage on a PC | How to Track Network Usage on Windows computer

How to get Accurate Internet Data usage on any Windows computer_TechTipsExpress
Data usage PC | Monitor Data Usage on a PC | How to Tracking Network Usage on Windows computer

Monitor Data Usage | How to Track Network Usage on Windows computer

Monitor Data Usage on a PC: When you have a limited data plan, it is a good idea to monitor your network usage to stop going over your data cap, and during this Windows 10 guide, we’ll show you ways.

Internet service providers are constantly trying to enhance their network speeds to lure customers into faster data plans. But sometimes these faster plans accompany restrictions — the dreaded metered internet connections, enforcing a limit on the number of data you’ll send and receive.

If you discover yourself in such an unfortunate situation, it’ll be critical for you to watch your network data usage regularly. Thankfully, Windows 10 includes tools to monitor network usage to stop you from going over your data cap.

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In Windows 10 there are two alternative ways to monitor the info that apps can send and receive during a given month, and during this Windows 10 guide, we’ll show you ways you’ll monitor your network usage using the Settings app, and their pros and cons.

How to check network usage with Settings

  1. Use the ‘Windows key + I‘ key from your keyboard to open the Settings app.
  2. Click on ‘Network & Internet‘.
  3. Click ‘Data usage‘.

Under Overview, you will see the entire data usage from the last 30 days for Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

Click the ‘Usage details‘ link to look at network data usage for all of your applications installed on your computer.

The biggest advantage of the Settings app is that you simply can’t only view Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, but you’ll also see data usage for traditional desktop applications.

However, the Usage details page shows only the entire network data usage, and in contrast to the Task Manager, you cannot view metered network usage, tile updates, or CPU time information. additionally, this view won’t offer you the choice to reset the usage history or since the date when the info usage is being tracked.

As you’ll see, there are pros and cons with either tool, but you ought to think about using both to possess an entire overview of which apps are using the foremost data and assist you to manage your metered internet connection plan better. Of course, if these tools aren’t enough, you’ll always find different software solutions online, or in some cases, you’ll configure your router to monitor your data usage — The best software that I know is GlassWire.

Download GlassWire, it is a free app that focuses on keeping monitor of your data usage. there’s a mobile version for Android and a desktop PC version for Windows. Use an Android phone? First, install GlassWire for Android.

Best Features of GlassWire software

  1. Keep track of desktop Windows data usage
  2. See how much data certain apps are using
  3. Set the data usage limit or set an alert according to your data plan
  4. Monitor real-time data usage
  5. Know without any delay when an app starts consuming your data
  6. Block apps from wasting your data
  7. Avoid well-known data wasting apps
  8. Check your router stats

Here within this video, I show you – Data usage PC | Monitor Data Usage on a PC | How to Track Network Usage on Windows computer – In Hindi

How does one monitor data usage in your network? Tell us within the comments below.

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