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How to Move Installed Programs onto Another Drive

Move Installed Programs to Another Drive Windows

How to Move Installed Programs Between Hard Drives?

It’s relatively simple to move pictures, music, and other data files from one hard drive to a different one. Moving programs, however, is harder because a program registers itself and its location within the computer’s registry during the installation process. If you merely move a program’s files to another drive, it won’t run because the pc expects the files to be within the old location. Uninstall the program and reinstall that program to the new drive, or create a directory junction in its original folder that points to the new location.

How to Move Programs to a different Drive Like C to D?

ou might want to move programs to another drive to release some disc space if you’ve got installed a lot of apps or programs on your Windows 10 PC. the great news is that you simply can easily do that work. Just follow the method offered by TechTipsExpress now.

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Windows 10 Move Program Files to another Drive

On a hard drive of the pc, there’s only such a lot room. If you fill it up, the device may get slower or have problems with programs. it’s helpful if you select to move installed programs from one drive to another. By default, you put in some apps or programs on the system drive C.

Relatively speaking, it’s simple to move music files, pictures, and other files to another drive from one drive. However, it’s difficult to move program files to another drive like D since a program creates a folder to Windows Registry and registers itself during the method of installation. The program may stop running if you merely move an installed program’s files to another drive.

So, how can you move programs from C to D?


SymMover is a freeware program files or folder mover software app filed under file organizer software and made available by Moba Software for Windows. The review for SymMover has not been completed yet, but it had been tested by an editor here on a PC. It allows you to move software installations by creating sym links.

SymMover helps you to move program files or a folder from one disk to another, and keep its “location” in Windows Explorer. Windows still “thinks” the folder is found within the same place as before, albeit it isn’t. SymMover did this by first moving the program files or a folder to its destination path, then creating a symbolic link between the source and destination. this suggests that software and games will still work after you move them to another disk.

SymMover is designed for moving software and games.

Here within the video, I show you the solutions on – How to move installed programs onto another drive?

Download SymMover

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