How to Protect Pendrive from Virus Without any Software

Protect Pendrive from Virus

How to Protect Pendrive from Virus without any Software
Protect Pendrive from Virus | How to Protect Pendrive from Virus Without any Software

How to protect Pendrive from virus infections?

The USB flash drive is a smart invention and provides good assistance to every user. you’ll just bring along your compact flash drive around for any data/file transferring – fast, easy, and convenient. Having said that, users must even be aware that the flash drive may be a potential tract for viruses.
When you insert your Pendrive into a virus-infected computer, your drive also gets infected probably. so how to protect pen drives, USB flash disk from viruses trojans, and prevent virus infection thereon when plug to a virus-infected computer. the subsequent tips may assist you.

Use the write-protect feature of Pendrive:

Most pen drives have a little write-protect switch/slider which you’ll use to form the drive read-only. Before inserting Pendrive into a system that may be already get infected with viruses,worms, address the write-protect switch of your pen drive, the drive will become read-only. None of the virus, malware can get access to the pen drive. However not all the pen drives accompany the write-protect feature, maybe the manufacturers want to chop down the value see. the subsequent tips also allow preventing the virus from spreading and writing to your Pendrive.

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Set the USB port of the computer to Read-only

If you cannot set pen drive to read-only, set the USB port of a virus-infected computer to Read-only is additionally an honest method to guard Pendrive against viruses. After changing the USB port to Read-only status, all applications in the computer haven’t any authority to write down any data into USB sticks,iPod, thus viruses won’t be able to copy themselves to the USB stick. With USB Virus Scan, you’ll easily achieve this job.

Also, you’ll disable the usage of the USB memory device of the system, in order that any USB storage devices like USB flash drive, USB stick, USB disk, iPod, etc won’t be recognized by the system when connected to the computer.

Immune Pendrives to block autorun from Pendrive

Immunity is often used to disable pen drive’s AUTORUN.INF enters an order to prevent malware infections from spreading automatically when opening the drive. When applied it, the vaccine permanently creates an innocuous AUTORUN.INF folder into the Pendrive, preventing it from being read, created, deleted, or modified. Once applied it effectively disables Windows from automatically executing any malicious file which may be stored therein particular USB drive.

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