How to Link to a Specific Part in a YouTube Video

Create a YouTube time link to jump to a specific place in a YouTube video

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How to Link to a Specific Part in a YouTube Video

When you want to link to a selected place during a YouTube video, rather than asking people to scroll forward to a specific time, you’ll instead link on to the specified location within the video by adding some information to the end of the URL.

It’s easy to feature a timestamp to the end of the video’s URL, something you’ll do manually or automatically. Then, when the link is clicked and therefore the video opens on YouTube, the video starts at the precise time you select.

Manually Add a Time Stamp to a YouTube URL

To add a YouTube video timestamp manually, open the YouTube video in your browser, then locate the URL for this video in your browser’s address bar. this is often the URL that shows near the highest of the browser window when you’re watching a video on YouTube.

Depending on the URL, there are two ways to feature a timestamp to the video:

&t=1m39s or

The time you select is often anything: hours, minutes, or seconds. If the video should be started at 10 minutes in, t=10m is all you would like to incorporate. If it should be 1 minute and 39 seconds, t=01m39s is how you’d write it. A 1-hour, the 5-second timestamp can skip the minute field altogether: t=01h05s

Add a Time Stamp Using YouTube’s Inbuild Share Feature

You can also add a timestamp using YouTube’s self sharing options.

  1. Open YouTube in your browser
  2. Now open the video you wish to share and stop the video if it on play mode
  3. Then move through the timeline until you reach the specific time you want to use in the timestamp
  4. Click the Share button of the video to open the sharing pop-up
  5. Checked the box that says ‘Start at’, and optionally adjust the time if you want to change it or isn’t the correct time to your need
  6. Finally, copy the updated shortened URL with the time stamp appended
  7. Now you can share this new URL, and anyone who clicks the link sees the video beginning at the time stamp you specified. For example, The video URL might look like this:

Here within the video, I show you – How to Share Youtube Video Links with Specific Time | share youtube video at specific time (mobile) – In Hindi

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